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To My Hero

Dear Rose, 

It has been way too long! As I have started my coaching career, it has not been the easiest, but I have grown and learned more and more each year. But I am so thankful for the way you introduced volleyball to me, and believed in me! You have been such a role model for me throughout my life, and I hope that one day that I can leave a mark as positive and uplifting as you were capable of succeeding with me. I hope you find this email humbling that your passion for the game has touched me so deeply. 
I love you Rose - hope all is well! I miss your hugs, hope to see you soon so I can give you a big ole hug! 
Chelsi Carter 
Rita Humphrey, a happy and appreciative parent, dated 17 August 2017

words from a happy, appreciative parent..  When Taniya came to RCVC last year, she knew little to nothing about Volleyball. From many many hours of different sessions and many hours of practice she has blossomed. Last week she had tryouts at her school (Oakwood), 24 girls trying out for two teams, 2 days and 7 hours of strenuous tryouts by the University coach (a former A&M player) and the Assistant coach, who will coach the team, she was the ONLY Freshman to make the High School Varsity team, and will be a starter!!!!! Several parents were like where did she get the skills, and I was proud to say ----RCVC!!

Thanks, and also let Hannah and Riley know because from day one they were her coaches in most all of her sessions!!!!


I just wanted to send you a note and tell you how grateful I am for you, Devin, and your program. My baby girl Lexie has benefited so much from you all and her skills are so much better as well. More importantly, she has learned many life lessons and made special  relationships. I just want to say the positive attitude you all have had has made the last two years very special to my family. I wish nothing but the best for you, Devin, and the future of RCVC

Thank you,

Anthony R. Bradley

Anna Buckley

Rose- It was SO hard to try and sum it all up concisely! It just about brought me to tears remembering it all! I do miss these days so so much. I miss you and RCVC endlessly. I hope I can see you soon and maybe get to the gym sometime. If you need any other comments from me on other specific things, just ask! Love you!-----------------------------------------Growing up and training as a member of RCVC from age 11 until I was 18 was one of the most impacting and memorable experiences I have experienced in my life. I have made lifetime friends through teammates, team parents, the coaches and staff all alike that I continue to care for and keep in touch with today. There is nothing I can ever experience again that will be the same as leaving town on a Friday afternoon with my career teammate Chelsi Carter and her mom to head to another Peachtree Classic or Big South tournament in Atlanta for the weekend; and I miss these memories because the team camaraderie and talent that each player could bring to the table was something I had never felt before. I loved that my teammates came from all surrounding areas, and were not just school friends. The most talented players in the state were the ones I was continually getting to train with and learn from. Whenever I remember the tough practices and jump trainings, I cannot possibly just dwell on the intensity and soreness that would persist for days on end afterwards, but I remember my self as in the best shape of my life, working with a renowned staff, and girls of all different ages as we worked together to achieve our goals. The attention and help I got from specialist coaches for my position made an impact that not only lasted through my years on my club teams, but also onto my school team’s court. I fully believe that I will cherish these experiences for all of my days, and I urge you not to take all of the extra work out and gym opportunities for granted- they are what made me so successful. With the encouragement and care under Rose and her staff, the only thing left a player needs is a strong mind and will to be pushed.

Lynn Cesario, Head Coach at Keith Country Day School, Coach at Rockford Fusion Volleyball Club

I moved to Huntsville, Al when I was 13. I was painfully shy. I made the 141 team and Rose made each player talk a little about themselves. I couldn't do it.  Rose continued trying to pull words out of me every practice. Volleyball came easy to me and Rose taught me that communicating is a part of the game. Rose took me under her wing as well as Ted Compoc throughout my years at Rocket City Volleyball Club and continued to teach me the in's and out's of the game.  Rose taught me not only the advanced skills that I needed to compete at a high level but also the pure love for the game. Today, I continue to show my players the same love for the game that Rose and Ted showed me. Rose always told me that anyone can be coached to play volleyball if they have a passion to play. The school I coach at does not hold tryouts because the school is so small. The first thing I try to teach the girls is that volleyball is supposed to be fun and if you do not enjoy playing then you should not come to play. Teaching a player the skills of volleyball is a part of coaching but it is difficult to teach someone to love the game if it is truly not in their heart. I am the Head Volleyball Coach at Keith Country Day School. I have been building the program and this is my 4th year there. We just made history winning the first state championship for the school and the only volleyball state championship in the city. Everything I have learned from Rose and her program I continue to use everyday. I cannot thank Rose, Ted and Rocket City Volleyball Club enough for the life lessons I learned from my experiences at RCVC.

Loni Beth Jones (LB)#10 - High School: Madison County HS - College: Troy University 2007 - Shorter University 2008-2010

I first came to RCVC when I was in 6th grade, My Mom had been coaching there for a year before I came. I never had any interest in playing volleyball. But decided to try it out. For those of you who don’t know me I am 4 feet 10 inches tall, so a volleyball career wasn’t really in my future.. so I thought! I was awful when I started out just like many of us. But my RCVC coaches kept pushing me. About my 8th or 9th grade year, Rose took me under her wings, and really took a chance on me! She worked with me day in and day out! I was going to two to three practices a night! I would go to mine, then hop in the car and head to wherever Rose was at. She was so patient and kind with my lack of knowledge! I would say my 10th grade year was when volleyball sunk in… I finally REALLY understood what Rose was teaching me. How to track the ball, read a hit, be confident in serve receive, etc. I played for Rose until I was 16. She gave me the opportunity to play Jamie Houston, which in itself was a dream come true! (For those of you that know of her). Having the chance to play with Jamie and be on Rose’s team provided me with my very first college look! From then on, I wanted nothing more than to play college ball, and go D1. After Jamie left graduated and went to college, I worked harder than anyone I knew! Nothing else matter! My last two year of club I play for my mom, she took the 18 power team! We had an amazing group those last two years! In the middle of my last club season I committed with Troy University. After high school graduation I moved to Troy where I played for a year. I then transferred To Shorter University in Rome, GA. I wanted to be a photographer, Troy didn’t have a major for that so I choose to go to a school where I could not only go to Art school but play volleyball! God totally had full control of this! I finished my college career at Shorter with a degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2011. In 2010 I was entered into the record book with an Individual Single-Season Record of 42 aces (7 aces in a single set against Southern Wesleyan University). and in Individual Career Records I ended with 650 digs. I could have never achieved my dream without RCVC, Rose and my Mom. I can’t thank RCVC enough for helping me achieve my dream! I am currently working at my Alma Mater, Shorter University. I am the Office Manager for the Office of University Advancement! I am still involved in the volleyball program here at Shorter as well as the Arts. I work part time with Loni Elizabeth Photography, my very own photography business!! Check me out!

Candice Cobb, parent of Kelly Cobb, RCVC 2004-2010, HHS Vball 2006-2009, University of West Alabama Volleyball, 2010

When asked to convey my daughter's (and my own) experience with Rocket City Volleyball Club, I didn't know where to start.  So, I started by going through years of pictures on my computer.  My daughter, Kelly Cobb, got a relatively late start to volleyball playing for her middle school team beginning in the 7th grade.  She followed her first school season with her first club season at Rocket City Volleyball Club on RCVC 131.  Not knowing what to expect, Kelly and I started on a 7 year adventure.  She worked hard, trained hard, and learned so much throughout the years not only about the game, but about herself and about life.  Volleyball is a team sport.  I have been so proud watching her grow in her skills on the court and learn confidence and team support within herself.  Each team she played on had a different dynamic.  She was always a strong player but learned to be a leader on each team she was on as well as being a supportive team mate when she was sitting on the sidelines.  As a tall, slim individual, she never gave the appearance of a powerhouse, but she provided a quick offense to the game and a solid knowledge of the court.  She made the decision to pursue volleyball at the collegiate level, earned a starting position on her University of West Alabama team in the Fall of 2010 and ended her freshman play having the best blocking stats on the team.  From her experience playing in middle school, high school, club ball and college ball, she's commented that she learned the most from her years with Rocket City Volleyball Club.  Not only did she learn the game through club ball, but she learned the importance of conditioning.  Training with Rocket City Volleyball Club toned and defined her body.  She gained physical endurance and mental endurance.  A strong sense of self was an added bonus through her mentoring with Rose Magers-Powell.  She worked hard, learned a lot, and the two of us have shared memories and experiences for a lifetime.  Thanks, Rose!