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The goal of our Regional program is to provide some competitive opportunities to push our athletes limits. Teams will travel within the region for stronger tournaments along with some college exposure. Our younger teams will begin to lay the foundation of what it takes to be an elite athlete. Older teams seek to compete at a high level against other college bound athletes. The amount of knowledge gained from this program regardless of winning or losing will result in significant strides helping athletes reach their goals. Athletes interested in this program need to be invested and committed. 

Practice Information:

  • 2 Practices per week
  • 1 Competition/Skill Training

Tentative Tournament Information (Nashville/Birmingham/Muscle Shoals/Gadsden/Huntsville/Montgomery, Atlanta for Regionals):

  • 7 Tournaments

Season Length:

December - April/May 

What's Included: Tournament entry fee, insurance, coaches stipends, coaches hotels, website, maintance, practice, everything to run a business etc. 


Not included - Uniforms, spandex bags, (All payments after Nov 10, are NON-REFUNDABLE)